Im Bann der Düfte

Documentary, 2014

Director: Gustav W. Trampitsch
Director of Photography: Gerhard Kaiser
Video Editing:  Michael Schubert
Producer: Raumfilm

Broadcast Date: 3SAT, July 29, 2014


Gustav W. Trampitsch illuminates several aspects in the culture of perfume.

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bann der duefte 03

Border Trafficking

Feature, 2014

Director: Peter Rautek
Director of Photography: Eric Leopold
Music: Michael J. Schubert
Producer: mediavilm, rxt-film
Actors: Ester Honysová, Marek Matousek, Manfred Stadelmann

I am very proud to announce the movie premiere of the Ficitional Short Movie “Border Trafficking”.     
I composed and produced the Score Music for this film which is based on a real story.
The short film is being screened at four Short Film Festivals now.
Watch the trailer.

Nov 5, 2014, 19h - Vienna (Top Kino)

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Erasmus EuroMedia Award 2014


I am very happy to announce that our documentary “The Vertigo Years" was granted the Erasmus EuroMedia award (Special Award for Outstanding Documantary in Duty of Critical Assessment of European History) on Oct 10 2014 by ESEC.

Genie im Windschatten - Ignaz Joseph Pleyel

Documentary, 2014

Director: Gustav Trampitsch
Director of Photography: Gerhard Kaiser
Video Editing: Michael Schubert
Producer: Raum.Film

Broadcast Date: 3SAT, Dec. 20, 2014

The documentary traces the life of the Austrian Composer Ignaz Joseph Pleyel.