Music Room

I am composing and producing a broad veriety of music styles for Media and Television. 

Mediamusic (Internet, Jingles)

Filmmusic & Documentary (Dance Styles, Pop Styles, epical Music Styles) 

Scoremusic for Feature Film (Drama, Suspense, Orchestral Cues)

There is a selection of music tracks for listening on Soundcloud.

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more Preview Samples:

Score & Media Music:

Afica Amini (lyrical - African)

Jumbo Boost (Suspense & Lyrical, Trailer)

Carlos (Suspense Pressing)

RCM - 25 years (lyrical - Trailer)

Skully (lyrical - Suspense)

Stepping (lyrical - Piano)

Another Life (Pressing - Dance Band)

Score Music - “Border Trafficking”:

Border Trafficking


Score Music - "Etui”:

Opening (Supsense)

Alice's Revalation (lyrical)

Alice (Pressing)

The Boys (Intrinsic Pressing)

Old Man (Intrinsic Suspense)

Race (Pressing)

Pop, Rap:

Hermes Advice

Hermes’ Advice